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Child Care Advocates of Kentucky
A Unified Voice, Your Voice
Check out these three videos...Very Important Updates from the State!

Y All STARS is Kentucky's new tiered quality rating and improvement system that will impact early childhood programs that receive public funding. This video covers important changes to the system, projected timelines and information about the pilot program.

KY All STARS- 3 Things You Need to Know
Some exciting things are on the horizon for Kentucky's youngest learners. The current quality rating system will be expanded and enhanced to become a five star system known as Kentucky All STARS. Watch to hear more details from former Education Commissioner Terry Holliday, Executive Director Terry Tolan of the Governor's Office of Early Childhood and Secretary Audrey Haynes of the Cabinet for Health and Family

Governor Beshear Talks about Kentucky All STARS
The best thing we can do for Kentucky's future is to invest in early childhood programs. Access to high quality early learning environments lead to better lifelong outcomes for our youngest learners. Kentucky All Stars, Kentucky's quality rating system to evaluate early care and education programs, is one way to ensure Kentucky children have a great start in life.
More Help From the State Arrives for Fiscal Year 2015-16:

CCAK welcomes 5 new members. The new providers joining are Kids Kare Child Development Centers in Benton, A Place for Kids in Louisville, Kidz Konnection Child Care Center in Lexington, Puzzles Academy in Louisville and Harvest Fellowship in Richmond. Welcome to each of you and thanks for joining!

We ask that you please open this link Kentucky District 36 Senator Julie Raque Adams is a True Champion for Children. You will see just how strong her statement of support is for Child Care Advocates of Kentucky, and how committed she is to fight for an increases in the CCAP Reimbursement Rate Schedule. We thank the Senator for her leadership!
 CCAK reps on The Terry Meiners radio program- Our Newest Segment
Steve Magre and Ruth Ann Hornback were on the WHAS84 AM radio program hosted by Terry Meiners on May 20th. They spoke about the need for increase in the current rate in place for the state's Child Care Assistance Program. The link to open to listen to this is
Listen to Our Radio Segement with Terry Mieners - MAY 2015


Listen to Our Radio Segement with Terry Mieners - FEB 2015

House Bill 429 Establishing a Child Care Council to Receive a Hearing in Frankfort

  The above link will open to the bill version that has been filed and forwarded to the Health and Welfare committee. It is hopeful that the House will deal with this legislation as early as Tuesday, February 17th. We thank two of our board members Ramsey Morris and Mike Hammons for all their work in creating this opportunity. Also, thanks to KYA for placing this as a work item on their Early Childhood Blueprint for the 2015 General Assembly session.
An Important Message From Child Care Advocates of Kentucky

Kentucky’s elected officials will be in session and making decisions by April that will immediately impact your business.

Are you aware?

Child Care Advocates of Kentucky (CCAK) is the one and only advocacy group representing owners’ interest at meetings held in Frankfort? There is no other group solely focused on working to deflect the high cost of unfunded government mandates, such as:
       - A New STARS Program that ALL centers will be required to join.
       - An increase in Minimum Wage in Jefferson County will go into effect
         July of 2015.
       - The Federal Affordable Health Care Act changes for 2015 that
          will impact your center.

The main goal of CCAK for this session is to assure that the state’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) is brought back fully funded.

Issues to be addressed:
     - CCAP payments must be based on enrollment instead of attendance, as it is now.
     - CCAP contracts must be written for full 12 month terms and not sporadic terms.
     - Eligibility to enter CCAP must be increased to 200% of the current federal
       poverty published guidelines.
     - The CCAP daily reimbursement rate must see an increase of up to 33%.


CCAK has a voice in Frankfort now, but for how long?
The answer to this question will ultimately be your call. To make our greatest impact, we must have you as a member. CCAK played a major role for you last year at this time. It was no accident that the Governor supported CCAP funding in his budget a year ago. It took our hard work to let all elected officials know to what extent our businesses had been hurt, and how the loss of CCAP had made it hard to even keep our doors open and be there for the children. CCAK was there full time a year ago, but without more support the time we can spend in Frankfort will be cut. This forced reduction could equal the difference in your center winning or losing issue after issue.

Child Care Advocates of Kentucky Must Grow Our Numbers
and Increase Funding NOW!


Please complete this Membership Form and JOIN TODAY!
Steve Magre is the contact person for the 2015 Membership Drive.
Steve can be reached by a text at 502-855-0223
or email him at stevemagre.m39@gmail.com


Please go to www.kyyouth.org  and open up the lead story titled "National Report Shows Need for Continued Investments in Child Care Assistance for Kentucky Families"

Summary of the 8-21 Board Meeting of CCAK

- Janice Watts elected to the board.

- CCAP roll out was defined as going well, but at a slow pace. 3 areas of why less families filing were shared. They are: mom has no job yet, mom is OK with the arrangements she made once she went of CCAP, and mom does not know it is back and available.

- What I heard as summary of how should CCAK moves forward is this: CCAK is foremost a grassroots advocacy organization in support of the providers. We will continue to partner with other groups as to increase opportunities for all providers, and help children as they prepare for kindergarten. In doing this we will recognize our specific role or roles in strategies being implemented. We will explore how CCAK can be a leader as a source of information for the providers. The work before us is to grow our membership and support numbers. We would want this to lead to our being able to lobby effectively and even develop PACs. The current strategies where we need to see our role defined are these: The final stars rating system recommendation and the KYA Early Childhood Blueprint listings

- Patricia gave an update of the September 25th KYA breakfast fundraiser. CCAK will host a table. The event will be from 8 to 9 AM and held at the Frazier Museum in Louisville.

- Ruth Ann reported on the Stars/Race to the Top meeting she attended. Concerned about CCAP being used as the qualifier for funding support. Adrienne has suggested they use the food program participants as the better base. A 1 to 5 tier category will be used to rate child care centers. The draft of this is not yet finalized.

- Patricia reported on the KYA Early Childhood Blueprint committee meeting held August 20th. The 3 big ticket items to be worked come January and the reconvening of the GA are: CCAP Monitoring of how money is being spent, the issue of establishing a diverse delivery system and pushing for a law that sets up a Providers Council. Patricia also talked about how the group should respond to the DCC regulatory changes being considered. We have until September 30th to submit our concerns. It was agreed that I need to work with Patricia on this one.

- Board like the idea of a Thank You rally in Frankfort being hosted by CCAK. The time suggested to do this was January 2015.

- Brenda and I will get with Mike to talk about what the draft bill for the Providers Council should look like.

- Next meeting will be set later, likely in mid-October.
    · Children’s Advocacy
    · Host Rally’s
    · Meet with legislators
    · Distribute Information to legislators
    · Provide testimony at public hearings
    · Present considerations to the Cabinet
    · Print, News and Radio Media
    Kentucky Youth Advocates
    Children’s Inc.
    Community Coordinated Child Care
    Brenda Bowman, CCAK President, Southside Christian Child Care and Pre-School
    Richard Morris, CCAK Vice President, Louisville Child Care Center’s
    Ruth Ann Hornback, CCAK Secretary/Treasurer, Angel House CDC’s
    Janet Masterson, Community Coordinated Child Care
    Mike Hammons, Children Inc.
    Kay Rue, Kindercare Learning Centers
    Lynn “Boogie” Morris, “Let’s Go Play” Academies
    Sean Woody, Kids Play Child Care, Inc.
    Adrienne B. Bush, Hazard Perry County Community Ministries, Inc.
    Steve Magre, Staff Support

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Courier Journal Article "Children Paying The Price For Child Care Cuts"
Our practice represents child day care centers whose license or CCAP funding has been threatened with negative action up to revocation from the Division of Regulated Child Care.



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